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About Kalvin Gan

An award-winning interior designer with over 15 years of experience who loves working on diverse projects, both residential and commercial.

Award-Winning Interior Designer - Kalvin Gan

Kalvin Gan, founder, and Creative Consultant of K+E Design Sdn Bhd, has created an established brand that is strongly recognised for its empowering vision that sees interior design as an extraordinary service that massively impacts the quality of life and human experience.

Kalvin Gan is fluent in various styles and concepts. He believes in a sense of balance and also proportion. Being in the industry for many years, he too has extensive experience in visual merchandising and decoration, fed by exposure to the finishing touch works for retail outlet projects and events projects.

A hallmark of his approach is his knack in understanding clients and then successfully interpreting their needs and desires.

He participates regularly in leading interior design showcases and competitions. He hold the title of Malaysia’s Top 10 Interior Designers Award for year 2014. The winning project is a 3-storey semi-detached residence. He is also being appointed as ambassador to a handful of interior design products, namely the NSB Fan & Lighting Ambassador.

His current portfolio includes the residents of a number of celebrities such as the renown model Ms. Gan Mei Yan; TV/Radio Presenter Ms. Amber Chia, TV/Radio Presenter Ms. Cheryl Lee Xin Yi.

kalvin gan
kalvin gan
kalvin gan

Awards & Recognitions

Top 20 Recipient
Malaysia Favorite Interior Design (MFID)
Top 10 Recipient
Malaysia Favorite Interior Design (MFID)
Most Promising Designer Award
Malaysia Favorite Interior Design (MFID)
The 3rd Best Student in Malaysia - IPDM Scholarship
Dean's Excellent Award

Our Design Philosophy

Our philosophy is a belief that a home should be a personal expression of your soul. It should represent the way you want to live, the ideas that define your tastes, perspectives, and connections to the world.

In our interior design world, there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter approach. We start each project with fresh eyes, fresh ideas, and thoughtful consideration of the client. We are responsible for designing people’s homes and offices, so we need those spaces to represent them as much as possible. And our goal is to remain constant, every space needs to be warm, inviting, luxurious and comfortable, and reflect the heart and soul of the client.

Lastly, we provide a dedicated personal service to ensure that whether you are a commercial or a residential client, you will have a seamless experience throughout the design process tailored to your requirements.

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