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  • Design & Build
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Site Coordination
  • Design Consultancy
  • Lighting Consultancy

Dynamic Space


One of the prominent property developers, IOI Properties Group Berhad, needs an interior design to highlight its standard plan showroom, and there is K+E design to come to help. Kalvin Gan brings Classic Modern Zen into the home to create an environment of peace, relaxation, and inner sanctuary for the stress and anxiety of life in the outside world.

A natural product like darker wood tone signifies a resurgence for retro glamour and provides a new modern take. Combined with spectacular lighting, wood creates spacious, warm, and comfortable rooms.

As well as using dark wood texture inside the home, the colour in nature-the colour of earth, simple and plain pattern fabric, wallpaper, and carpet and rugs match all the themes together in harmony. A touch of green in all space also adds the finishing touch to a Zen style home. Plants help to add even more calm and create more oxygen in their environment.