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Built-up Area


  • Design & Build
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Site Coordination
  • Design Consultancy

Casual Vivid


To give you a little bit of background, my client, Amber Chia, had already done a ton of legwork and planning on the house. She has amazing taste and great instincts, and she just needed a designer’s help to figure out on the mix and match interior design.

This interior design bends and breaks the rules but carries the mixed look throughout the entire space. Tastefully combining the things you love regardless of the design style makes a beautiful, layered, and exciting home that reflects Celebrity Amber Chia’s home.

Repeating elements like colour, texture, pattern, and material throughout the room tie a space together and make it feel like different pieces. Furthermore, keeping things on the same scale makes them look like they belong with each other and ensures that they will function together.