Completed Year


Built-up Area


  • Visual Merchandising
  • Site Coordination

Exquisite Attentive


The owner, celebrity Lee Xin Yi is a traveller, spending most of his time constantly traveling between different countries with short stays. For Lee, home is a haven to provide a sense of relaxation at the moment when he arrives home.

To capture the carefree lifestyle of Lee’s, hippie style design is applied. Plants and natural elements are used to represent life itself. Vintage pieces with their history and travel find reflective global culture homage to the nomadic lifestyle. Bold and vibrant colours are combined with rich patterns to create an instant visual narrative.

Low-lying furniture that brings people in the space closer to each other. It allows those who experience the space to commune, thus, celebrate life, too. All these elements come together in a maximalist approach that evokes a sense of adventure and whimsy rooted in individuality.