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Awards & Mentions

My Favourite Interior Designer (MFID)

Enjoy Natural Craftsmanship, Luminous Space


Behind a gorgeous condominium in the major commercial city in Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, this project is MIFID Award-winning 2015. Its industrial interior design style does not go out of fashion: its unfinished appearance adapts to any room, creating exclusive and avant-garde environments.

The entrance is a bright, voluminous space, flooded with light from above, while expansive glass windows and sliding doors embrace views and draw light into the living areas and bedrooms. Besides that, Brick walls add character to any room by serving as a focal point and contrasting the room’s other design elements.

Features decoration, wall art accessories, furniture, and architectural elements are also in a lovely place to create warmth and layer effect.

An exceptional stylish mid 60-century modern interior design

  • The wood texture and modern furniture
  • Focus on clean lines and minimalist
  • Great window and natural light
  • Earthy colour scheme and natural item display
  • Open plan kitchen and massive walk-in closet
  • Sculptural Chandelier and modern art