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Timeless Classic Luxury


A prestigious family in Malaysia went through a re-upgrading of the Bungalow. They invited K+E Design Sdn Bhd, a famous interior design firm in Selangor with a fresh take on spatial aesthetics, to assist them in their product makeover.

The great room’s textured paint concept is a subtle yet outstanding concept. The master bedroom uses a chic headboard as a conversational centrepiece, while the rest of the room is tempered with pure, timeless form, scale, and colour.

Refreshing hues that bounced off the natural lighting coupled with perfect and imperfect surface textures accentuated the visual appeal while also adding a sense of character to the homes. Different rooms were designed to echo the personalities of their occupants. A nice blend of artistic yet unpretentious artwork made of natural materials hinted at the owner’s personality, resulting in a unique residential interior design project.