Completed Year


Built-up Area


  • Design & Build
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Site Coordination
  • Design Consultancy

Contemporary, Poetic, Sesthetics


Designed to combine beer, food with Museum theme, this is a pub, bistro that is different from others. To soften the industrial look of the building, we added a plethora of plants. Chandeliers are placed to create more subtle light, using the mirror as a repetition interior element to create a masterful art piece and geometric line shape fence outside that makes an amazing vision.

We also consider the hub of the bar which we carefully plan out the right number of stations, making sure that everything fits and is in exactly the right place, thus achieving maximum efficiency behind the bar. Serving the customers quickly and avoiding queues is paramount to a successful operation.

At K+E Design, we are aware that one of the key elements to the design of a bistro is capturing the customer’s interest so that they stay for the evening rather than move onto another pub.