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  • Design Consultancy

Vogue . Retro . Waltz

时尚怀旧 . 华尔兹

The owner of this had a strictly Feng Shui layout. Kalvin’s challenge was to create a hidden sliding room, open concept study areas, and an open kitchen equipped with an island combined with a dining table as a T-shape. This gives the room a new layout and redefines the spatial reasoning and relationship between the kitchen and dining room.

Rustic textures and neutral colour palettes create a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere within this family condominium. We designed comfortable and contemporary furniture maximized storage like egg chairs to represent the way in mid-century modern style, through extensive joinery in all rooms for everyday living.

Tasked with designing a beautiful interior and having the clients’ complete trust, our design team delivered a unique and thoughtful space. The bold furnishings, statement lighting, and motif wallcoverings make this the perfect place to entertain and welcome loved ones.